Mobile News Spotlight Feature – Interview with GSL Purchasing Director, Bav Majithia

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Mobile News Spotlight feature – Interview with GSL Purchasing Director, Bav Majithia

Bav Majithia , co founder of Genuine Solutions , predicts that growth will come from collaborative partnerships offering latest innovation but delivered ethically.

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The Genuine Solutions service, delivered by experienced and dedicated account managers, is our key distinguishable value. With customers located all over the world, it is essential we tailor our service for individual clients. This requires us to be agile and very proactive. But whilst service is key, it is vital we back up our customer promise with product that is varied and always available for next-day delivery. The fact that we also range products potentially seen as end-of-life, means that we can support customers for longer on selective, but still very popular, lines. It’s this ethical approach that we are most proud of, from our sourcing of graded product to working with sustainable partners.

How has the role of the distributor changed?

We’ve been influenced by the rapid pace of technology change and the explosion of information. Distributors are more knowledgeable about market trends and we have more information at our finger tips relating to our customers and their needs. Genuine has invested heavily in new customer relationship tools so we can meet customers’ expectations with the latest relevant market knowledge. We even predict what products they need, helping them to make better choices from the myriad of brands available today.

How important is diversification?

Diversification is fundamental to our business. We’ve seen how Internet of Things and AI are changing how we
all interact with technology and perhaps we’ll see the term ‘Mobile Distributor’ phased out in the future as the focus is no longer on mobile devices but wearables, watches and even what is being termed ‘hearables’. We see ourselves becoming more of a technology distributor through further diversification. That will mean taking some of our customers with us on that journey as well as finding new customers in new markets.

What challenges are facing the distribution sector?

Without doubt, the global threat of counterfeit product entering the supply chain is the most significant challenge for the mobile distribution industry. Not only does it affect IP holders’ rights and distress pricing structures for the entire industry, but it can, in some cases, place consumers at risk of severe injury. Genuine has reached out to the industry for greater collaboration in the effort to support consumer safety and protect businesses that behave responsibly. Our focus is firmly on quality and our response has been to introduce much more stringent selection procedures on suppliers and partners.

Where do you see your growth coming from?

Growth over the next two years will ultimately come from developing relationships with new partners and particularly those that can combine the highest quality product with ethical responsibilities. This is an important part of our culture and values and we believe that consumers will respond to the wastefulness of technology in the same way we are seeing reactions to plastics in the ocean today. But we love technology, so we’re passionate that exciting technology can still be responsible and the explosion of tech, drones, homeware, connected Internet of Things, watches and accessories, parts and extras that are coming through, will not disappoint.

How important are collaborative partnerships?

Collaborative relationships offer infinitely more opportunities, leveraging each other’s resources and experience pays dividends tenfold.

What is the importance of specialist logistics and distribution platforms dedicated to mobile?

Specialising is vital. We’re only as good as what we can deliver to the customer. And our customers run fast- paced operations. For resilience, we use two logistics partners and we’re looking for service excellence, reliability and good communication from them. At the point of booking a customer delivery, we need confirmation via email and SMS so our customers have full flexibility to change the date and time even down to a specific hour. So, customers need to be able to deal directly with our logistics partners, making mutual trust essential, otherwise we risk having parcels waiting, failed deliveries and disappointed customers.

In what areas do you plan to concentrate your investments on over the next two years?

Bav Majithia: Our investments will be around expanding technology products such as Ai and developing our capabilities around IOT. We also expect to see more focus on wireless charging and particularly, when the prices start to come down, making them more affordable for consumers. I personally think that until they start putting wireless chargers in the box with the mobile phone, the take-up will be slower. But exciting times are ahead.

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