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With one of the Globes best known smartphone suppliers, Samsung, any day now, expected to announce the finalised specification of their next flagship; the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated devices this year.

Within a matter of only weeks following the Galaxy S6/Edge launch,  the internet was abuzz with rumours and speculation in regards to the S7, it’s specification, new features and it’s release date . Samsung are never afraid to be first, and with how aggressive the smartphone market has become of recent, with several new faces on the scene offering top spec devices for significantly lower prices, OPPO being an example of one. Samsung will be aiming to include an exclusive, desirable feature and consumers cannot wait  to see what new additions they will bring to their devices in 2016.

One of the most predominant rumors surrounding the Galaxy S7 is that it could be made from magnesium instead of the usual aluminum. The overall design and texture of the model’s frame and cover are rumored to be of superior quality and with the changes in the material itself, we can expect a marked difference in the overall experience of using the phone. In this article we look at some of the reasons that we might expect better performance from a magnesium based phone rather than an aluminum body.

So Why Go Magnesium?

If the rumors are true and the Galaxy S7 is going to be built of a magnesium alloy rather than an aluminum frame, then it is definitely news that deserves some serious celebration. This is for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the magnesium frame is bound to increase the durability of the smartphone along with making it more light and easy to handle.

While the aluminum alloy that the Galaxy set currently employs offers optimal strength and ensures that the phone has a long shelf life, its magnesium counterpart can offer the same advantages with the added feature of lightness.

Depending on the alloy that the company uses for its design, the overall look of the phone might show an inclination towards a sleeker look and finish. All in all, this is a sure improvement from the previous Galaxy models that despite their stellar look might pale in comparison to the S7 that promises to take the world by storm.

Potential Technical Advantages

From a technical point of view, the shift to magnesium is a good dissipaters of heat. For all of us who have the phone permanently attached at the ear it will reduce the chance of overheating. The heating of the frame and the internal components can result in premature battery damage.  It’s a common problem we see in our repair centres.

The other reason that the magnesium alloy is a good choice is because it can absorb shock waves efficiently, thereby reducing the total damage caused to the phone due to accidents and other user-oriented mishaps. The toughness of the metallic frame, coupled with the ability to absorb shock waves is one great added feature especially in the pace of the world today. For users who are always on the go and are prone to accidents, this is most definitely great news.

When it comes to voice clarity and other phone related features, magnesium shows a surprising benefit of reducing the effect on the transmission of radio waves.

Is it all just rumors ??

Samsung has a history of using magnesium in their products especially in digital cameras like the NX1

Photo by El Grafo

Since Samsung has had a history of using magnesium in their products, especially in the digital cameras of the NX1; its use in the Galaxy S7 is a speculation that deserves some serious consideration. Since the media giants have already begun investing in the material, it makes sense for them to integrate it into the design of the latest Galaxy model. Since the market trend facilitates the use of high quality metallic alloys, the rumor of the magnesium shift is definitely one that can be believed.

Overall, when it comes to speculation regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, the change from Aluminium to Magnesium is definitely worth keeping an eye on. If Samsung does decide to go ahead with this move, you can be sure there will soon be several other manufacturers following suite.



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