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Naztech Turbo PB6, Worlds Most Powerful Powerbank!

The Naztech Turbo PB6 Power Bank is the best new innovation in large scale power bank technology. Able to charge six devices simultaneously, the Turbo PB6 boasts a 12500mAh capacity and a maximum 8A of rapid charging power. It uses two patent-pending IntelliQ Chips to communicate with all of your devices and provides them with the most rapid charging speeds they can handle while also providing overcharge and short circuit protection. This device recharges with an input that’s three times faster than that of a conventional charger so you can spend less time charging and more time doing. With a Ferrari-like design and soft touch rubberized design, this power bank has a compact, portable design and a stylish look. The Naztech Turbo PB6 is the ideal portable power solution that is perfect for any portable charging needs!

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  • Completely Portable Design
  • Universally Compatible
  • Delivers Fastest Possible Charge
  • Up to Six Full Recharges!
  • 8A Output – Ultimate Charging Power


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