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Three years ago Genuine Solutions created a programme in which monies donated by member of the team would be used to purchase gifts for children unfortunate enough to be hospital bound over the Christmas period. Each year a number of employees visit various local hospitals and present the poorly children with gifts.

We understand first hand the upset and difficulties that are faced by families when someone close is admitted to hospital. It can be an extremely worrying time for all involved and particularly difficult around key dates such as Christmas.

This year we decided to expand the vision and as well as visiting Kingston Hospital, we thought it fit to include a visit to a local care home (Galsworthy Care Home) housing the elderly. Many of the elderly residents sadly have no remaining family and as such will be spending their Christmas alone. Members of the team spent time in conversation with the residents listening to their stories, playing board games and handing out gifts.

Christian McBride, CEO said of the programme, “I am immensely proud of the support shown by the entire team at Genuine Solutions, each and every member chose to donate towards this wonderful cause – all so that those in less fortunate circumstance can to have a better Christmas.”

“It was a very rewarding experience and makes you realise there is other things going on in the world outside your own little bubble.”

Those who attended this year’s visits to Kingston Hospital and Galsworthy Care Home have since spoken of the positive impacts it’s had on both themselves and those they visited.

Fiona Gallagher, Accounts Administrator spoke of her newly made friendship with Joan, “I had such a lovely time chatting with the lovely ladies and especially my new friend Joan, listening to her tell me about her life and finding out she was a Nurse during WW2 looking after the injured soldiers.”

Paul Offord, Sales Account Manager said of his visit to Kingston Hospital, “It was really good to get the opportunity to give some presents out to the kiddies stuck in hospital at this special time of the year. The children and staff were very thankful for our visit.”



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