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About Cycling Projects

Cycling Projects is a national charity which promotes cycling through a range of successful community engagement programmes that give people the opportunity to cycle on a regular basis; through help, support and guidance. Most noticeably this is all achieved through its two nationally acclaimed initiatives Wheels for All and Pedal Away.

Why / our objective / the outcome

Cycling Project aims to provide cycling initiatives to all members of the community.  They provide a wide range of adapted cycles and activities that are fun and stimulating, making cycling an option for adults and children with learning difficulties.

£2,500 would help towards the purchase of specific specialist adapted cycles to support chair users and to allow them to cycles with their families, a range of hand cycles to be placed in existing Wheels for All centres as well as Away Day opportunities for participants from Wheels for All centres to visit other centres and enjoy the travel /excursion experience with Wheels for All being in the middle of the day trip.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to donate to this amazing cause, please contact us at charity@genuinesolutions.co.uk.

How close are we to achieving our target of £2,500?

Due to all the fantastic support shown by our team we have already managed to raise 100% of our target of £2,500.

Contact details

Telephone: 01925 234 213
Email: ian.tierney@cycling.org.uk
Website: www.cycling.org.uk