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Aircharge Wireless Charging Case for iPhone

Add the convenience of wireless charging to your iPhone with our durable yet lightweight MFi ‘Made for iPhone’ certified case. When installed, all you have to do is place the case on any Qi wireless charger to charge your phone wirelessly.

Aircharge Wireless Charging Cases are available for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5SE / 6 / 6S / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus.


  • New slim, lightweight design minimises bulk, combines practicality and style
  • Retractable connector allows easy access to the Lightning port
  • Once case is installed, simply place handset on any Qi wireless charger
  • Conveniently charge your iPhone without plugging it in
  • Sleek styling ensures that your iPhone keeps its sophisticated look
  • Durable materials protect your iPhone from damage
  • Tactile finish gives the case a pleasing texture
  • Doesn’t mark, scratch or attract dirt
  • Qi certified case conforms to high build quality & safety standards
  • Works with all Qi-enabled wireless chargers, including those in public spaces and vehicles
  • ‘Made for iPhone’ (MFi) certified by Apple
  • Download the Aircharge Locator app to charge at over 4,500 public Qi wireless charging locations worldwide.

Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Black or White
  • Certification: ‘Made for iPhone’ certified, Qi certified
  • Output: DC5V, 1AN
  • Frequency: 110-205kHz
  • Dimensions iPhone 5 / 5S / 5SE case: 64mm x 135mm x 11mm
  • NET Weight: iPhone 5 / 5S / 5SE case: 33g
  • Dimensions iPhone 6 / 6S case: 71mm x 145mm x 10mm
  • NET Weight: iPhone 6 / 6S case: 38g
  • Dimensions iPhone 6 Plus case: 83mm x 169mm x 10mm
  • NET Weight: iPhone 6 Plus case: 46g
  • Dimensions iPhone 7 case: 71.6mm x 148.5mm x 10.9mm
  • NET Weight: iPhone 7 case: 35g
  • Dimensions iPhone 7 Plus case: 82.8mm x 168.7mm x 11.3mm
  • NET Weight: iPhone 7 Plus case: 47g

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